The Sun Kiss Wellness Mission

There are endless ways to benefit from the positive effects of Hemp CBD. Sun Kiss Wellness provides premium Hemp CBD products in various forms to help nourish your mind, body, and soul. From our premium Hemp CBD tinctures to soothing Hemp CBD salve – we have hand-selected a line of products that will provide you with all the benefits that Hemp CBD has to offer.

At Sun Kiss Wellness, we are determined to offer our customers relief and a better way of life through our high-quality Hemp CBD products. Our hope for you is a higher standard of wellness through the use of Sun Kiss Wellness Hemp CBD products. We are confident that these products will benefit you because they have helped us first hand.

Hi! I'm Jenny, founder of Sun Kiss Wellness

For the last decade, I have worked in the health care industry. I was a certified nurse assistant for eight years. For five of those eight years, I was in the Intensive Care Unit.

I also am a Sleep Technologist (polysomnography), and I worked for two years doing sleep studies for adults and pediatrics before opening Sun Kiss Wellness. I have been in the healing industry for years.

Although I enjoyed my time in the healthcare industry, it wasn’t until I was affected by extreme pain and illness that I became so passionate about the natural healing industry.

A few short years ago, I suffered severe pain daily. My neurologist prescribed different medications to prevent the intolerable, nagging pain. I searched for much-needed relief, but the prescriptions I had been taking caused more problems than they fixed. The last prescription drug that I tried messed up my entire system. My body had lost its balance and synergy. I was not healthy, and I was not happy. At that point, I had enough. I was in extreme pain daily, and there were no signs of relief from all the prescription pills prescribed. I decided to seek a natural way to relieve my pain. After a lot of personal research, I came across Hemp CBD and began taking it as suggested. The Hemp CBD helped me with all my negative symptoms (including side effects that I had acquired from all the prescribed medications). I was elated that the Hemp CBD had finally provided me with relief from the excruciating, daily pain I had been living with for a long time. I am happy to report that I have found an elevated level of wellness for myself. My system functions at a higher level, and I have finally found balance and synergy again. I started my wellness journey with Hemp CBD, and I have never looked back.